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Books, Books, Books Galore!

"What is your favorite book?", a question asked by many teachers and students from all over the world. So, what is your favorite book? Is it a comic book? Or maybe a chapter book? Or maybe a picture book? Or even a novel? Books are a great source of a pastime activity. Books keeps us fascinated, hanging on every word of a sentence, as we try to solve mysteries and sort out problems. So, what is your favorite book?

Security, Seriously!

Okay, so far, you guys have been great. You've been following the guidelines, been posting appropriate blogs. Its wonderful. Really. I just want to inform you that this website should not reveal any personal information at all. So please, when you blog, don't say people's names. Even if they are just nicknames like Bin or Lilo. We don't want any spammer to see that many names...And well, you know the rest. So, you guys, just try to be a little more cautious when using online profiles. :)